Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I just recently woke up.
I was at home sick today, no school for me.
My appetite's pretty bad too, but talking about how sick I am would make for a really boring blog entry.
So I'm going to talk about games, as usual.
I recently received Naruto: The Broken Bond in the mail (GameFly is really amazing isn't it?)
So I was playing it, and I haven't gotten too far but I think it's a pretty decent game.
The only issue I have are some of the cut-scenes.
The cut-scenes often have little mini-games in them to complete so you can progress, but the games sometimes have a high difficulty that stops you from progressing. (Maybe I'm just not a skilled gamer or something)
I'm not sure if turning down the difficulty would make the mini-games easier, but I really don't want to turn down the difficulty for something as trivial as a mini-game, especially when the rest of the game is pretty easy.
Besides, I don't even like turning down the difficulty of a game anyway...
The other game I got in the mail was Red Dead Redemption, which I've heard lot's of good things about, but I haven't played it yet.
Some good game suggestions would really be helpful; I want to be in the industry after all is said and done.
So please make some suggestions, thanks!


  1. I had to get rid of all my games when I went to college, I knew they would be my downfall otherwise

  2. Im so happy today, I found two genesis games that were hidden behind some stuff in my basement. Score! The games are king of shitty but they are just a reminder of my childhood!

  3. oh boy. get well soon