Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Post!

So this is (obviously) my first post.
In this blog I will write about my experiences in the realm of game development.
I've just recently been accepted to the university of my choice, DePaul.  DePaul seems to be great for game dev and I have several colleagues that attend there now.
I've worked on a couple games in the past with friends, but nothing great yet.
The link I just posted doesn't hold any games I've worked on, but these have been quite inspirational to me.
Java is the only language that I'm proficient in at the moment, though I do know a little C++.
I might learn a bit of GML or XNA in the future, though I'm not too sure if those are very useful to the industry.
My favorite games are RPGs.
I seem to like the Japanese-made RPGs over Western ones, but that is most likely because they are more often of a higher fantasy level.
I enjoy some FPS games, but I prefer Halo, the least serious one, because it's easy to pick up and play no matter what your level of skill.
I tend to find skill in games a little overrated, but it is quite entertaining to watch professional tournament games sometimes.
My favorite RTS is Age of the Empires II, and my favorite TBS is Civilization IV.
Civ V is pretty fun, and a lot more intuitive and balanced, but I feel it is missing some of the epic feel that was in Civ IV.
My all time favorite game series is Kingdom Hearts.
I know that it's not very popular among core gamers, but the creativity and artistry are amazing in my opinion, not to mention the battle system which is one of the best.

I am truly excited to start a serious blog and I hope I get a lot of readers and I hope I can read a lot of my followers' blogs as well.


  1. Dude, you look like Zidane. XD
    Cool blog, I will follow it.

  2. no warcraft 3, damn!