Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm into disc 2 now.
I gotta say that the game is losing it's sparkle for me and I'm wondering if I'll make it all the way through the game.
One of the biggest problems I have with FFXIII is the lack of an overworld.
Now, I know that it's not a requisite for a good game, but FFXIII kind of eliminates the whole exploration scheme that I've found in all the other games that I've enjoyed.
I can't go back and explore the locations I've visited in the past, everything seems kind of "mission-based" as in Halo or almost even Time Crisis!
This sort of linear gameplay really sucks the life out of me and just wipes me out.
In fact, this game is sort of becoming a hassle for me.
The plot is okay, but it has a really slow progression that kind of bugs me and there have been no twists or shocking reveals yet.
The battle system is kind of good, actually I think that may be what has kept me for so long, but it's not good enough to base a game off of, and you can even autobattle for goodness sake!
I'm really missing the glory days of the first Final Fantasy I've ever beat, FFII.
THAT was a great game.
It didn't try to be epic with it's story, but it was.
It even had that rebellion theme I love so much.
And the level system?
Wonderful!  I could replay that game over and over again coming up with new roles to play!
I'll try and finish this game up but I'm making no promises.


  1. that's a bit of a let down, but thanks for the info.

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  3. FF2 with Cecil as the main character was the first FF game I ever played as well. There were a ton of good games for SNES. Haven't played FF13 yet, but my last FF game beaten was FFX. Still trying to grudge my way through FFX2 at 8 frames per second with my crappy video card and ps2 emulator.

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