Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dragon Ball Z

Hey guys.
Any of you guys DBZ fans?
I am, and I used to be shy about that.
It's not the most intricate anime, nor is it the most creative, but it really has great passion.
Plus, the epicness of the whole thing is awesome.  I really like the characters as well, they are both relateable and heroic.  The humor is also pretty good.
If you like any battle anime, you should probably like DBZ, it's a staple.

DBZ has GREAT games.  The Legacy of Goku series was quite good in my opinion, the 2nd one being my favorite (Cell was my favorite saga, though Janemba is my favorite villain)
Budokai and Tenkaichi are great games as well, I've spent hours playing those with friends.
They have that casual nature that the SSB series has, but there is still an amount of skill that goes into it.

Any of you guys have input?


  1. I think I enjoyed cell saga the most, probably because of Hercule. Then it got weird with "Great Saiyaman" stuff..

    But i still have a place for DBZ in my heart :D

  2. I actually never got into DBZ... so many of my friends used to be, but I just never got it, I guess.

  3. Dragon Ball is one of my favourites as a whole world (including the original manga, anime and some games).

    My favourite saga is the Freeza saga. It has simply changed the whole story we knew from the first Dragon Ball series and introduced the first Super Saiya-jin Goku

  4. i used to like DBZ, never played the games though.

  5. Never got into the whole scene, sounds interesting though!

  6. I was really hooked to DBZ as a kid. Unfortunately, I lost all interest in the series years afterwards :(

  7. I tried getting into DBZ a long time ago when its first series aired, but I just couldn't seem to keep watching it. I did however watch all of Ronin Warriors back then, and later watched all of Trigun.

  8. I watched DBZ kai in Japanese but I didn't care for Goku's voice actor. I like the English dubbed version better. I still watch it on Nicktoons from time to time.

  9. The manga is better. Granted, I love the show. I finally this week decided to give DBGT a chance. It's not the same, but I'm letting it have its statement.

    The only game I really liked though was Budokai.