Thursday, February 24, 2011

Classics In Games

I've been looking for some games with references to the classics.
References to Virgil, Homer, etc.
The classics are the foundation of our concept of an epic story, but so many games seem to ignore them and prefer a simplistic "Joe does this and looks for said bad guy"
So many of our heroes have too perfect of morals (and in GTA, too evil of morals)
Where are the good revenge games?
Sure we have a few here and there, but there should be some more.
Picture our hero off at sea, fighting in a war for years, all for his king.
He comes back and finds his wife has remarried several times over and has a litter of new children.
In a rage, the hero fights off the current suitor and sends off his children to faraway lands as slaves.
Sure it's not exactly the perfectly moral thing to do, but people can associate with the humanity of the character so much more.
Protagonists are just far too selfless.
Some nice humanity would be a great addition to some games which lack realism.
That's my complaint for today...


  1. personally i tend to agree with you, but given the low intellect of the masses i think the games are kept overly simplistic on purpose.

  2. I'd more like it if he killed his kids and wife in rage
    It doesn't make sense, but it would be cool ^^

  3. Dante's Inferno references the classed The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, and it isn't that great, though apparently that's just me because a lot of my friends loved it.

    There's often a lot more to it than the story, especially in a video game!

  4. Yeah i kind of share the same views as you. I do miss games which are generally "nice" to play and not killing/shooting etc! Thumbs up!

  5. Kinda unrelated, but Killer7 had the most ridiculously awesome and original game story ever.

  6. nice blog bro! Following my blog

  7. Haha i liked it, thanks for sharing.