Friday, June 3, 2011

Rare Games

My collection of the original .hack// series is almost complete, I only need Quarantine and the whole set will be done!  I was at ACen, the big Midwest anime convention, and I spent hours looking for some games to add, and I found the 3rd part, Outbreak, but I still didn't have part 2, Mutation.  But I could recognize the opportunity, so I didn't pass it up and forked over the cash to claim my prize.  About a week later I spent two days driving around from Gamestop to Gamestop in search of the elusive part 2 of the original .hack// series until I found it.  It wasn't in its original case, but it still had the bonus anime disc from the original release, which was actually more than I had expected.  I feel like the fourth episode will be hardest to find; Gamefly doesn't even have a copy to rent out!  .hack is a great series, in my opinion, even if the gameplay isn't all that amazing, the world that was created is pretty amazing, I think.
Oh, speaking of ACen, there was a gaming room with TONS of games available for play.  And I MEAN tons; there was Battletoads, Katamari Damacy and its We  counterpart, M.U.G.E.N, some old SNK games with their arcade style controllers, and there was a HUGE crowd around the new Marvel vs Capcom (that game was a HUGE hit at ACen, its booth was always crowded).
So what I want to know now is, what rare games have you enjoyed playing/searching for?  What's the holy grail in your opinion?


  1. A good system to collect for one day is the Sega Saturn. Although it was basically a marketing failure over here in the states, it was a massive hit in Japan.
    The Saturn has superior 2D hardware than basically any other system (excluding emulation on modern hardware (which I don't find true anyway) and the Sega Dreamcast (but it was released after the downfall of 2D games so not many games were released on it.) Of course, people in the U.S. wanted crappy 3D more than smooth 2D, so the Saturn died in the U.S. (as the Playstation was better at 3D) and most of the amazing 2D Saturn games were released only in Japan.
    There are TONS of unique arcade games that ONLY came out for the Saturn (such as Bubble Bobble: Bubble Symphony) and arcade perfect ports of popular arcade games (like the King of Fighters series, Metal Gear, Parodius, and Street Fighter series, among others.) For most of these games, the only way to get a comparable experience is on the MAME emulator... The Saturn also had a TON of RPGs. There is really a huge collection of worthy imports!
    All you will need to play imports is an American Sega Saturn and an Action Replay 4M Auto Plus! The only problem is that game fans know about this...and the imports tend to go for some $... You'll need some money in your wallet before you venture into imports!

  2. Also, its little known...but the Saturn supports progressive display output! However, the load was too great on the VDP so it was never used commercially IIRC.