Friday, July 6, 2012

Card Wars

I, like many other denizens of the Internet, have oft found myself playing games, watching videos, and skimming my Facebook feed with no real sense of purpose, usually each activity is short lived and pointless.
But every now and then we all find the diamond in the rough.
Today, I have made one of these discoveries.
It's a little game called Card Wars, published by 
GangOfGamers and GeneralVimes, and it's even more addicting than Pandemic 2.
The game is a lot like Risk, except with playing cards and power-ups instead of dice and figurines.
The last game I played lasted over 50 turns, not one of which was uneventful.
The game has wonderful AI, and the game rules are so simple to learn it's almost ridiculous (but not quite ridiculous).  Further, the game actually has a way of letting you know how well you are doing.
The BGM of the game will change based on the type of situation you are in.  If you have a big advantage, the game will play a relaxed reggae beach tune.  If the game is relatively balanced, then the game will play a sort of medieval/renaissance sounding piece.  If you're really in a dire situation you get a sort of battle song playing.
It's really quite helpful, as well as entertaining.

This game is easily worth the time to play, guaranteed to grant good times if you are a fan of strategy games of any kind.


  1. When I get to a little more powerful PC, I'll certainly try it ;)

  2. Thank you, Shrugo! For me, as the developer, is very pleasant to know that you liked my game :)

    Crawler, and what is your current computer configuration? The game is not very resource-demanding, the longest phase (map generation) takes less than a second on my Sempron 3000.