Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dragon Age

Any of you guys play the new Dragon Age?
I've only played the 1st one, not even the expansion.
I never got into it that much, but the newer one looks more exciting since it seems more actiony.
Not sure why I couldn't stick with DA:O, but I'm giving it another try before I play DA2.
I want to be immersed in the universe already (again) before I start the new game.
I heard that the game left some hardcore fans with a bad taste in their mouths, but I'm more of a casual player so that's not that big of a deal.
If you've played it, what did you like and/or dislike about the game?
What's different?
I know they removed the origin stories completely, and that some character stuff is disabled.
How is the plot?
Please let me know before I buy it what I should expect.
I want to play it, so I might just rent it from GameFly if it's not that good.


  1. Dragon age is definitely game i would like to play. I am not sure about the second. are you excited. How was the first?

  2. The first Dragon Age was actually really good.
    They made the system pretty original.
    It was inspired a bit by D&D, but the game itself is completely stand-alone and is pretty good for newcomers to the genre.

  3. The genre is much like Baulders gate and Temple of Elemental evil, like a classic wrpg. I enjoyed the butt out of origins and I recommend you at LEAST get to the landsmeet in origins before you play DA:2. Just because with the backstory from getting each race to sign the treaty, it makes DA:2 make a lot more sense, and just generally more exciting to know why this happens, and why that is the way it is.

    I can understand why dragon age 2 left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths because they took away the in depth dialogue options from knowing exactly what your hero is saying to the dialogue wheel from mass effect where you know what they're generally going to say instead. Also the tactical view is out and it's more of a "console" type view and you can't get armor for your companians; they have set armor and you can upgrade it and thats about it.

    So that's just to name a few things; OH and you can't change your race >:l
    BUT if you keep thinking of DA2 as a dragon age game, you'll constantly be frowning. However, if you just look at it as a NEW game with the same story and setting picking up where DA:o left off. Then you'll really enjoy it. I've been enjoying it, but it's relatively different to da:o


  4. I couldn't stick with the first one either, I don't know why really. I played the demo for the 2nd one and it seems to have changed a lot. But I wont recommend it.

  5. I just downloaded DA:O and I have to say I'm just not inspired to play it, despite liking KotOR.

  6. i haven't played the first one yet, but i'm looking forward to the second one.

    following. :)

  7. I've never actually played the older ones but the newer one is great.

  8. I love dragon age, playing DA2 atm and going to write a review on it soon!

  9. Is that a tabletop D&D game or an MMORPG?